Cloud services ease our daily chores at work, at home, or while on the move

Teamwork and collaboration significantly impact the productivity and efficiency of an organization, business, and community. Information, knowledge, content, news, and updates should be made available to employees, customers, and partners to make timely decisions and actions for growth and better business outcomes in the information age.

It is observed that many professionals like to learn about their area of interest, making them better professionals in their subject matter. Still, they need to learn tools to make them more efficient and work smarter. Successful knowledge workers have a growth mindset. Satya Nadella mentioned a large-scale cultural transformation from being “know-it-alls” to learn-it-alls” and continually emphasized the importance of growth and development in her book Hit Refresh: A Memoir by Microsoft’s CEO. Microsoft Viva learning is derived from this mindset which focuses on a continuous learning platform to stay relevant at your workplace. With this, let us learn helpful tips from different apps on Microsoft 365.

This is an excerpt from my book that I am writing on Microsoft 365, Power Platform, and Microsoft Teams.

Stay tuned! Learn about Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Power Platform, Development, and Cloud.

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