Bridging Edge Hardware and Cloud: Arduino Joins Forces with AWS

Pioneering the Next Era of IoT and Cloud Synergy.

Arduino and AWS: A Powerful Partnership for the Future of IoT and Cloud Computing

Today, the tech world witnessed a significant announcement: Arduino, the renowned open-source electronics platform, has officially teamed up with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a global leader in cloud computing. This collaboration promises to pave a new path for the integration of edge hardware and cloud services, offering enhanced options for IoT projects.

A Brief Overview:

  • A Long-standing Relationship: Arduino Cloud has been running on AWS infrastructure for the past three years. This decision has proven fruitful, with Arduino Cloud now processing a staggering 4 billion device messages each month, marking its position as one of the major IoT SaaS platforms on AWS.

  • Businesses Embrace Arduino Cloud: The Cloud for Business solution by Arduino has seen rapid growth, with commercial customers lauding its core features and integrations. A notable mention is ABM Vapor Monitoring, which saved six months of product development time and over $250,000 in engineering services by choosing Arduino Cloud for their regulated air quality application.

  • The Essence of the Partnership: The collaboration with AWS is driven by the needs of professional customers. Arduino’s device management, especially its automatic secure connection and over-the-air firmware updates, has been a highlight. As businesses grow, integrating AWS’s cloud services can offer immense benefits. Arduino’s decision to join the AWS ISV program is a testament to this, providing access to a vast network of AWS Partners worldwide and ensuring seamless integration between the two cloud platforms.

  • Future Prospects: Arduino is in the process of getting 12 of its devices qualified by AWS, which will further simplify the development of end-to-end solutions for customers.

In Conclusion:

The collaboration between Arduino and AWS is not just a mere partnership; it’s a strategic move to simplify and expedite the deployment of commercial IoT and cloud-based solutions. This alliance bridges the capabilities of edge hardware with the vast potential of cloud computing, marking a significant step forward in the tech industry. The future of IoT and cloud computing is undoubtedly promising, and it’s exciting to think about the innovations this partnership will bring to the table.

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